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Cine Bolt slow motion tests.

Recently I had a play day with a high speed Cinebolt motion control rig along with the Phanton Flex camera. Many thanks to Park Village, Love High Speed, MRMC and Artem for a fun day!

Aston Martin in the Alps.

A couple of stills from a recent trip to the French Alps for Aston Martin. The films tracks the lineage of the DB range through from the classic DB5 to the current DB9 in four films entitled: Design, Engineering, History and Future. The films are to be shown on Aston Martin's website and dealerships around the world.

Aston Martin N430

The Aston Martin N430 production car is inspired by their endurance race cars.
Aston needed a film to communicate this at the Geniva motor show and via their website. Shot in one day the film had to show not only the race lineage but also the four varieties within the range. 

National Geographic: Aston Martin Supercar

Following my previous work for Aston Martin (please see previous posts) I was asked to shoot a one hour documentary for national Geographic following the design and development of the British marques 'Ultimate Supercar' the 'One-77'. As the name suggests only 77 of these hand build cars would be made at a cost of £1.3 million each.  

We had un-paralleled access to Aston Martin. The hour-long programme charts the intense One-77 development programme throughout the three years it has taken from the car's conception in October 2007 to the build of the first production One-77 in October 2010. The show illustrates how Aston Martin remains at the forefront of contemporary manufacturing, embodying design and engineering excellence, and a brand with a truly special heritage.
In never seen-before footage of the exclusive facility where up to 77 examples of the One-77 will be hand-crafted, Megafactories details the highly skilled manufacturing process fusing modern technology with traditional hand-craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail culminating in over 2,700 man-hours to complete the ultimate Aston Martin by a dedicated team of 27 technicians. 
The show will be broadcast in 64 countries worldwide.

Carte D'or

Title: Carte D'or Idents
Format: Red Epic


Title: Sharwoods Packshot
Format: Arri Alexa

Pro - Active Sponsorships

Title: ITV Flora Pro-activ sponsorships
Formatt: Cannon 5D

Africa Investigates

Title: Africa Investigates
Formatt: Red Epic

Title sequence for Al Jazeera programme 'Africa Investigates'. It was shot in a studio with a Mark Roberts 'Cyclops' motion control rig with a Red Epic.


Title: Pringles Russia tag
Format: Super 35mm

Shot on blue/green screen on Mitchell with primes on Mark Roberts motion control rig. Flame work at Rushes.

Surviving Burkitts

I've put together this trailer for a documentary I shot last year in Malawi - 'Surviving Burkitts'. It was shot on a XDCAM PDW700 which proved as reliable as always. For more information on this film please see my earlier post.

"Well,  Surviving Burkitts is such a powerful and quite extraordinary document and documentary. Prof Elizabeth Molyneux comes over as a remarkable doctor and human being. The humanity just pours out of her. It feels like such a fitting tribute to Scott and I hope that it is seen by tons of people. It certainly deserves to. It is informative, poetic and profoundly moving. It will stay with me for a long time". 

Ruth Caleb O.B.E
Executive Producer for BBC Television   
Acting Head of BBC Drama Group 1996   
Head of BBC Drama 1992 - 1995 

"Thanks so much for sending the copy of your truly wonderful documentary: Surviving Burkitts. The way you use a camera is so exciting; you are a true visual artist and in this case, you chose two remarkable woman to be your focus. There were no talking heads in this brief masterpiece".
Pat Silver-Lasky (Mrs. Jesse L. Lasky, Jr)
Author, Script Consultant and lecturer. Writers Guild of Great Britain, Writers Guild of America, American Society of Authors & BAFTA

“Surviving Burkitts is a vitally important, moving and thoroughly unsentimental documentary. We meet the key characters, get to know them and how much they care, the passion that drives the doctor and nursing staff, the plight of the people.  It must get the widest possible television audience.....and soon”.
Graham Benson
Chairman, Blue Heaven Productions 
Chairman, Screen South
Executive Producer, BBC

"Just an unsolicited message of congratulations (to you all).  I thought that Surviving Burkitts was brilliant in every respect, and very moving.  It deserves the widest possible exposure".
Anthony Butterworth
AE Butterworth, BA, MA, MB, BChir, PhD, FRS
Honorary Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Honorary Professor, College of Medicine, University of Malawi

"Well done for producng such a sympathetic and visually inspiring film.   I have given several copies to people who have spoken very enthusiastically about it.  Very many congratulations".
Elizabeth Molyneux OBE, FRCP, FRCPCH, FRCPCH (Hons), FCEM
Professor of Paediatrics - Queen Elizabeth College of Medicine, Malawi

"Surviving Bukitts is a credit to all the people who have died, fell ill or are suffering from Burkitt's cancer.  At times it made me happy, sometimes sad and at one point I wanted to cry.  I think this film shouldn't just be shown in the country it was filmed, or just Africa.  This program is good enough to be shown internationally and would definitely be enjoyed in Europe and the UK".
Charlie Killick
The Citizen Herald 


Title: Sekonda Sports Chrono
Format: Red

Ive been shooting idents for Sekonda which will be shown on ITV.

The idents were shot with a Red camera on a Cyclops motion control rig above a water tank at 120fps.

Aston Martin - Project One-77

Title: Aston Martin One - 77
Format: Sony XD Cam / Cannon 5D

I’ve been working on a promotional film for Aston Martin’s new flagship super car ‘One-77’.

As the name suggests only 77 of these cars, costing £1.3million, will ever be built and will be the ‘ultimate creative interpretation of the renowned British marque.’

‘One-77 fuses advanced technology with stunning Aston Martin design to create possibly the world’s most desirable automotive art form. Based on a sophisticated carbon fibre chassis with a handcrafted aluminium body, this 7.3 litre V12 super car will deliver exhilarating performance for a strictly limited number of discerning customers.’ (Aston Martin,

'In the fourth part of the One-77 film series Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin and Marek Reichman, Director of Design discuss the fundamental elements of what makes the One-77 so unique. The film shows the first complete engineering car in motion on the test track'.
To see a teaser film follow this link.

.......and the final film below.


Title: Surviving Birkitts
Fomatt: XD Cam

This summer I traveled to Malawi to film a documentary on a rare cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma which affects more than 200,000 children a year in Equatorial Africa.

The cause of this cancer (named after British doctor Denis Birkitt who first recognised this tumour based cancer some 50 years ago), is not known although the treatment success rate, if caught in its early stages, is high. The problem lies with its extremely aggressive nature which can double its size within 24hrs and can kill children within a few months.

This documentary will provide doctors, health workers, and medical students with a resource to further advance understanding, thus enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment in the West, and for Africa it will be used as a tool in schools, universities and hospitals to raise awareness of the need for aftercare. It will also be used to engage pharmaceutical companies to provide affordable drugs to hospitals firstly across Malawi and then in the longer term across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cannes 2010

For the second year running our film 'Honour Me' has been chosen to screen at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival in the short film corner. It will be part of a programme of films that showcase the best of previous years entries.

For more information about the screening please follow the link here.

Honour Me - continues to impress.

"On behalf of the Expresión en Corto International Film Festival I am delighted to present the Special Jury Mention of the third edition of the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Short Film Competition to your excellent documentary "Honour me", which displays the problematic and complex interplay of diverse forms of violence: social, religious, cultural, economic and physical, which are all experienced and related by Sameem Ali in this shocking and touching personal account. A technically impeccable documentary with outstanding cinematography and editing, "Honour Me" offers an unusually sensitive and personal view at a rarely told, but unfortunately not rarely experienced, situation in an incredibly courageous testimony of a strong woman documented in a most honest and captivating way by an excellent film maker".

"We are confident that this important document in the fight against all forms of violence will continue to speak out to many audiences around the globe and make a difference. Thanks to Sameem and Alex for bringing this story to our attention".
Nina Rodríguez
Directora de Programación
Expresion En Corto IFF

Royal Television Award Win

'Speed Dating' a Viral film I shot early this summer has won a Royal Television Award for 'Best Digital Innovation'. This hard hitting road safety film has had over 4 million YouTube hits to date.


Title: Sekonda - 2 x 15 second sponsorship idents
Format: Red

Raindance Film Festival 2009

After screening in Cannes this year, 'Honour Me' has been selected to be shown at the 2009 Raindance Film Festival. This is my fourth collaboration with writer, producer and director Alex Tweddle from Angry Man Pictures. Please see below for further details on the film or click on the link for more information on the Raindance Festival.

Michael McIntyre Promo

Title: 'Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow' Promo
Client: Red Bee Media
Format: HD Animation

From the team behind BBC One's Live at the Apollo, Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow travels around Britain visiting six of the UK's most prestigious and iconic venues, unearthing a raft of comedy's brightest new talent and finest comedians en route.

Yesterday Idents

Title: 'Yesterday' Channel Idents
Client: Red Bee Media
Format: HD VariCam

Continuing its successful partnership with UKTV, Red Bee Media, the global leader intransforming media brands has created a new identity for Yesterday, currently known as UKTV History. Drawing on a range of awe-inspiring world events, social movements and fondly remembered moments, the new channel will launch on 2nd March.

Carrying the strapline, “Where the past is always present”, UKTV tasked Red Bee Media to redefine what ‘history’ means by creating a powerful channel identity. All of the rebrand work is designed to engage viewers with the channel’s factual content, as well as the social and dramatic aspects of the past to make it more immediate and relevant to viewers.

The six idents, called Debutants, Football, Hoodies, Suffragettes, War and the final ident, Wright Brothers, are a symbiotic fusion of footage and music from two contrasting eras that encourage its audience to view the past with fresh eyes. For example, the Football ident shows a sea of die-hard football fans in unified glory decked with Saint George flags and painted faces at a football game that looks and sounds like a battle.

The Hoodies ident follows a stereotypical group of teenage boys in typical attire, congregating in a shadowy urban environment. This ident is accompanied by a monastic chant.

Andy Bryant, Director, Creative, at Red Bee Media, comments: “Our creative challenge was to capture the essence of history in 30 second moments and to present historical scenes in a surprising and poignant way that would resonate with the audience. Once again the creative achievement of this project is testament to Red Bee Media’s long- standing and successful relationship with UKTV.”

Sara Holt, UKTV’s Factual Marketing Manager, adds: “These amazing idents make the past an exciting and enticing place, where history is brought to life through great and unifying moments in time. They demonstrate a history channel can be about so much more than just mechanical history and the second World War."

Following the successful rebrand of UKTV’s entertainment portfolio as Dave, G.O.L.D., Watch and Alibi, Yesterday will be the third of the pay TV broadcaster's factual channels to be rebranded, following Eden and Blighty's launches on 26th January and 17th February 2009 respectively.

Yesterday will go live at 9am on 2nd March in 17.5million homes nationwide via Freeview, Sky Digital and Virgin Cable.

Extracts from Red Bee press release 24th February 2009.

Kingdom Street

Title: Kingdom Street 'Creeping Prow' promotional film
Format: HD VariCam

Please got to to see the film.

More information on this project coming soon.......

Laser Project

Title: 'UPC Broadband' TVC
Format: 35mm Motion Control

Here is a project I shot for UPC the broadband provider. The client wanted to use an actual laser for the ad as they didn't want to go the 3D route. Initially we were going to shoot on Red but as some of the shots required the laser to pass across the lens (thus burning out the sensor) we went to 35mm. Finally to get the most precise movement and exposure needed we shot on a Milo motion control rig at 6 / 3fps.

Honour Me

Come and see the film at Cannes. Click here for information.

Title: Honour Me - Documentary
Format: HD 2K Red Cam

The film follows Sameem Ali, a Manchester Councillor and author of the best selling book of her life entitled ‘Belonging’.

Sameem spent six and a half years growing up in a children's home. When she was told that her family wanted to take her back she couldn't wait to start her new life with them. Instead, she returned to a dirty house where she was subjected to endless chores. Her mother began to beat her and her unhappiness drove her to self-harm.

Sameem was excited when she boarded a plane with her mother to visit Pakistan for the first time. It was only after they arrived in her family's village that she realised she wasn't there on holiday. Aged just thirteen, Sameem was forced to marry a complete stranger.

When pregnant, two months later, she was made to return to the UK where she suffered further abuse from her family. After finding true love, Sameem fled the violence at home and escaped to Manchester with her young son. She believed she had put her horrific experiences behind her, but was unprepared for the consequences of violating her family's honour...

'Belonging' by Sameem Ali (John Murray, 2008, G.B)